Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I'm back! What's new with me + New Video Alert!

Hey everyone!

Finally getting back on track with my videos. I will also try to get caught up with my blog. My apartment got broken into last summer and a lot of precious things got stolen... Including my macbook pro with a bunch of content I was editing for my youtube channels. Since then I've been trying to organize my thoughts and pick up where I left off. I'm not to sure when or how I will backtrack on all of my videos I've been filming over the last two years, but I will eventually get them up. It's been a crazy two years of events that I got caught up with and I'm finally getting back to my online groove.

Here are 4 of my latest videos. Please subscribe to both of my channels My main channel and My vlog channel.

What's new with me?

I recently went from red hair to pink!

Thank you to my girl Jenny for slaying this pink swirl. If you're in the Southern California area... please hit her up for all of your hair needs. Cut, color, extensions.

I also dyed Ebi's hair myself to match me :) I think it came out really cute! 

Here's a photo of Ebi's 5th birthday on July 7

I've acquired a new love and sport~ I'm spending with at an Equestrian school and learning how to ride English style. I just put together a video on what to wear on your first day of riding lessons and what I wore. I'm learning as I'm progressing in the sport. I'm hoping to own a horse of my own in the near future. I'm currently looking for a horse to lease.

I've been traveling a lot this summer and I'm gearing up for my next adventure in a week! Excited to explore and film more travel vlogs. In August I spent time in Arizona and Hawaii. I went back home to Hawaii (Big Island + Oahu) for my birthday in August. I'll put up my travel vlog soon. It was so nice to spend time with my grandpa (He's turning 81 in December and doesn't travel... so coming home to Hilo is special to me.) and dog Sensi (she's 16 years old now and recovered from her recent stroke.)

I've taken up reformers pilates this September. I was doing 11 hours a week and I am in love with this workout. I filmed a video on my latest favorites in active wear. Video will be up soon.

I've also been really involved with my online closets the last two years. I have over 300 active listings. Everything from new & preloved items in my personal closet and vintage fashion. I also list Ebi's things, home decor from my apartment everything inbetween. I list new item daily. You can find me on

My Ebay closet belly dance costumes, things from my personal closet, vintage fashion
My Etsy store vintage fashion
My Poshmark closet new and preloved items from my personal closet
My Mercari closet new and preloved items from my personal closet and household/misc items

OOTD: Afternoon high tea

OOTD + Vlog: Girls day

VLOG: come with me to work

Equestrian newbie: What to wear + what I wore on my first riding lesson

Please follow me on my new instagram account! 
Instagram deleted my original account in April which make me really sad. I had over 8k photos and thousands of followers.
So I'm rebuilding this new social media account.

More catching up coming soon! xoxo.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Belly Dance fitness in Foster City, California

Holding classes in the Bay Area!
If you're looking to switch up your fitness routine come dance with me!
Follow me on for more info!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 2015 Photoshoot: Santa Monica Sweetheart

Hi loves! Here are a few photos from my recent photoshoot from this past weekend in Santa Monica, CA. I had such a blast with this shoot. Santa Monica will always be my home. XO from Las Vegas, Jewelyn

Monday, September 15, 2014

Travel with Jewelyn: Christmas 2013 in Pokhara, Nepal

Hi from Arizona!
Here's footage from this past Christmas post trekking in the Himalayans!
Pokhara (lake side) Nepal!
xoxo Jewelyn

Travel with Jewelyn: Christmas in Hawaii & feeding the homeless

Here's footage of me during a previous Christmas in Hawaii. Wanted to share what my mom & I did one Christmas... spent at the homeless shelter :)

xoxo Jewelyn

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What I wore: Spring 2014 in Johannesburg, South Africa

Here's a new video :)
what I wore last week in SA...
xo Jewelyn

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Travel with Jewelyn: Trekking the Himalayans 2013

Finally have some down time to edit my vlogs.
Here's a glimpse of my time out in the Himalayans. 
I do look like a wreck throughout the who vlog... it was the most physical situation I put my body through not to mention the last of not showering! Thank goodness for wetones!
It was quite challenging vlogging with several cameras, carrying gear and trekking. Nepal will always have a piece of my heart.
Enjoy! Namaste. Jewelyn